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Public Institution "Belarusian Documentation Center" was registered on October 19, 2012 in Vilnius (Lithuania) on the initiative of the Belarusian human rights activists, lawyers, relatives of political prisoners. The Belarusian human rights defender Raisa Mikhailovskaia is the Head of the organization.

The main goals are:

Preservation of historical and legal
memory of the Belarusian people.

Assist in the reconstruction of social and historical justice, help the repressed citizens in the abolition of unreasonable and oppressive acts of the government and their subsequent rehabilitation.

Belarusian Documentation Center

Collects, stores, organizes and processes information concerning gross violations of human rights, international humanitarian law and national legislation of Belarus, as well as other types of information that are of historical interest;

Providing legal advice and repressed citizens;

Advises national and international
non-governmental organizations to consolidate their efforts to protect human rights in Belarus;

Interacts with government, non-governmental organizations, such as national and international courts, legal agencies, universities and research institutions that can contribute to the promotion of democracy and the rule of law in Belarus.

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