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The database We Remember is created in order to retain legally significant documents that prove mass violations of human rights in Belarus and to later restore historical and social justice.

Criteria of selection and validity of information and documents that are added to the database We Remember.

In order to solve the issue of the necessary grounds for adding information to the database we have introduced temporal and territorial criteria. The period from July 10, 1994 to the present day has been chosen as the temporal criterion.

According to the territorial criterion we consider only the human rights violations that have been committed within the state borders of Belarus.

The main criterion for the validation of compliance of data to be added to the database is the matter of record of civil and/or political rights violation of the victim by the governmental agencies of Belarus. The list of rights the violation of which make it possible for the victim's data to be added to the database is recognized in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

An additional criterion, apart from the violation of one or several rights recognized in the ICCPR, is the fact of seeking protection (restoration) of violated right by the victim of their representative on domestic level.

Aside from cases of human rights violations the database is filled in with the information about uninvestigated high-profile and politically motivated cases that carry essential elements of crime set by the Criminal Code of Belarus, irrespective of period of limitation and period of holding liable set by the domestic criminal law.

At the present time (April 2015) the database We Remember contains about 28 000 document pages in 236 cases.


If you have any matter of record of human rights abuse or crime and think you could make a contribution to filling in of the database We Remember, please fill in the form on the website - use Contact us button.

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