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The Gang (Eng)


Sixteen years ago, when Aleksandr Lukashenko was serving his first  presidential term, Belarus witnessed a string of disturbing events that shook up the highest ranks of the government and had a chilling event on the society and political opposition. In the span of just a few months, the Deputy Speaker of the Supreme Soviet died, followed by unexplained disappearances of the Minister of Home Affairs, the Deputy Prime Minister, and a respected businessman. Less than a year later, a cameraman of a major television network vanished without a trace. Seemingly unrelated, the cases have remained under separate investigations, with little result and multiple inconsistencies. 

As the statute of limitations on these cases expires in 2014-2015, a prominent Belarusian human rights defender meticulously examines rare documentary evidence, testimonies of family members, lawyers, and former Belarusian investigators to piece together a nuanced and unsettling picture that links the unsolved disappearances together.